Frequently asked questions

What is the Utah Burlesque Festival?

The Utah Burlesque Festival is a 3-day burlesque and vaudeville festival with a Friday night showcase, Saturday night competition and Sunday brunch-inspired local talent showcase. The Utah Burlesque Festival is meant to foster networking opportunities between burlesque communites all over the United States and re-introduce Utah into the burlesque scene.

When and where is the Utah Burlesque Festival?

The inaugural Utah Burlesque Festival will be held March 20-22, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Venue details for showcase, competition, workshops and more will be announced shortly.

Where is the host hotel for the Utah Burlesque Festival?

Host hotel information coming soon!

What are the Blue Law (aka Nudity Laws) for Utah?

Please see our Blue Laws tab in the Main Menu for full explanation and illustration of Utah Blue Laws rules and regulations.