UBF 2020 Vendors

Dot's Cutie Patooties

Dot's Cutie Patooties are queer and body positive lightweight 3D printed treasures. Cute and kitschy earrings, necklaces, ornaments and more made from PLA bioplastic.




Dragon's Lair Creations - UBF Presenting Sponsor
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Look, the pink tax is some BS, and so is the fragility of masculinity. Get you some Smell Good, get you some Treat Yo' Self, and get you some GD Self Care.

Facebook:      @bathdragon

Twitter:           @laircreations

Instagram:     @dragonslaircreations


Get that fabulous almost famous look pre-show, post-show, or no show in no time. Cover those curlers with a velvet furban or those post-show raccoon eyes with some blingin" rose colored glasses. Whatever the occasion, even if it’s taking the trash out, do it in  true show squirrel style!

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/muffandise 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/muffedjones



Holoboi started with a simple but ambitious goal. To make the world more beautiful. How do we do that? Not only by making dazzling holographic shirts but by supercharging aesthetics and delivering them to the world by as many forms of communication as possible. Be it Graphic/Web/UX Design, Social Media, Animation, Apparel, Art, Photography, Print, Laser Cutting, 3D Print, Vinyl. We get you and we got chu fam.